• Discovery Kidz Rides @ Big Splash

    A child's first experience with ride-on toys is one of the most memorable and exciting parts of growing up.

  • Pondok Gurame @ Big Splash

    We Have Come Back To Bring You The Best of Indonesian Cuisine ! For reservation please call 6348 0982.

  • The Perfect Venue for Events

    30,000 square feet of space among the sun, sand and sea with good mix of food, drink and play in the area sets for the perfect outdoor event venue.

  • Kaboodle Kids @ Big Splash

    Kaboodle Kids is a venue where we encourage playfulness, thoughtfulness and even silliness. There are no rules nor right or wrong. All we ask is that kids go wild (even bananas!) and have fun. Oodles of fun!

  • Mookata House @ Big Splash

    Mookata House serves traditional Thai mookata, which is a Thai BBQ cum steamboat cuisine. We are the first mookata restaurant in Singapore to serve premium Kurobuta Pork and Wagyu Beef in all our BBQ sets.

  • The Seafood International Market & Restaurant @ Big Splash

    Diners may choose to walk through the spacious marketplace to pick the freshest seafood for their palate or choose from the extensive menu. The restaurant also boasts a wine cellar of more than 150 specially selected wines from all over the world.

  • Sunrise Bistro & Bar @ Big Splash

    Casual French fare cooked with a contemporary twist and a fine blend of creativity. Whole Day Breakfast. Brunch. Lunch. Bistro. Dinner. Coffee/Tea. Bar.

  • Starbucks @ Big Splash

  • Crab in Da Bag @ Big Splash

    Crab in Da Bag offers a wide array of fresh crustaceans that are prepared simply in good ol' Louisiana flavours with a local twist!

  • Sushi Tei @ Big Splash

    Located at the new exciting beachfront lifestyle destination Big Splash, popular modern Japanese restaurant Sushi Tei is pleased to unveil its ninth outlet in Singapore.

  • Fish @ Big Splash

    is a great outdoor activity place for everyone – Playground for toddlers! There are Longkang fishing for kids, Fish Spa for pure relaxation and, fishing and prawning for everyone!

  • Reflexsole @ Big Splash

    Pamper yourself with foot, back, shoulder and body massage at Reflexsole!

  • Old Town White Coffee @ Big Splash

    OLDTOWN™ White Coffee started with a humble passion – to make and serve the finest coffee possible. They also served a range of toasts and snacks which are local favourites.

  • Integrated Recreation Centre by Spring Gear @ Big Splash

    Integrated Recreation Centre @ Big Splash has a variety of recreation and fitness equipment for rent, such as Bicycles, Recumbent Tricycles, QuadCycles, Kangoo Jumps, Flybar, Vurtego, StreetStrider, etc.